Fuzzwald is a nom de plume for a writer-citizen who would like to promote non-violence and rational thought. He believes that it’s more important to speak the truth of his understanding than to be polite.

Fuzzwald believes in the potential power of satire – potential because it is toxic when issued in the service of lies and delusions. But satire is powerful and cleansing when it contains a core of truth. Being able to discern the difference between truth and deception will be an ongoing topic in Fuzzwald’s posts.

Fuzzwald would like to change minds, but he doubts that he ever will. Falling short of that, he wishes to chronicle events as they happen and to call bullshit on the official narratives that claim Reagan won the Cold War, the Iraq invasion was based on innocent misperceptions, and the Two Party System contains the extremes of Both Sides.

Fuzzwald wishes to remain anonymous to avoid the hate mail that comes with being impolite. But he will come out publicly if it proves necessary to serve the cause of truth.

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